Channels Dashboard

The Channels dashboard provides more detailed analytics about unique channels in your Publish/Subscribe API.

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Channels dashboard

Channel Groups

The Channels dashboard does not include channels that are part of channel groups.

The Big Numbers section at the top provides analytics for the most recent hour of the selected date range. The percentage immediately below compares the change between the most recent hour and the previous hour.

The horizontal bar chart on the right provides counts of unique channels as well as unique channels with messages in hourly time periods for the selected date range, so you can track trends and identify patterns. The Premium dashboards also display daily, weekly and monthly time period for the same set of metrics.

The bottom table showcases Top 20 Channels based on one of the following:

  • Number of messages
  • Number of subscribers
  • Number of users with messages
Unique counts

Note that Top 20 Channels are unique counts and cannot be summed. You have to select a single hour.

Features on this dashboard

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