PubNub Insights offers a variety of features to help easily share information, conduct further data analysis, manage the analytics in your dashboard, provide feedback, or request features & metrics.

Chart Data Export

The metrics showcased in each chart on the dashboards can be exported either as a CSV or an XLSX file for further data analysis. Additionally, you can export each chart as a PNG image file which makes it convenient to share with others. The export feature is displayed once you hover over the upper right corner of a selected chart or to the left of the tooltip icon.

Dashboard Settings: Messages Configuration

This section allows you to provide your own JSON path for a metric that you would like to track. For example, if your implementation does not follow PubNub's payload type conventions, you will be able to provide your own schema and track the metrics that you want.

Expanded Data Download

The Expanded Data Download feature, available exclusively to Insights Premium users, allows you to download the top 1,000 channels and users for in-depth analysis. You can categorize channels and users by message count, user count with messages, or subscriber count in an hourly or daily time period.

Highlights & Alerts

Premium users can use the Highlights & Alerts feature to set up email alerts based on a set of criteria, including:

  • Threshold counts, for example 10,000
  • Operations, for example greater than 2200
  • Frequency, for example every 1 day

To set up Highlights & Alerts, select Set an alert by hovering over the upper right corner of a selected chart or to the left of the tooltip icon.

Analyze with AI


The Analyze with AI feature is currently in a limited preview.

The Analyze with AI feature offers Premium users a time-saving solution. This feature employs GPT models to provide an analysis of Insights dashboards. By providing specific prompts tailored to their needs, users can request different types of analyses, including, but not limited to:

  • Statistical summaries
  • Anomaly and pattern identification
  • In-depth insights
  • Recommended actions
  • Forecasts
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