BizOps Workspace is a set of UI tools that lets admins or chat moderators manage the who (users), where (channels), when (presence), and what (messages) of their PubNub applications.


BizOps Workspace consists of four modules handling App Context, presence, or chat app data.

User Management

User Management lets you manage user and membership data on an app's keyset:

  • View, create, update, and delete users.
  • Check what channels a user is assigned to.
  • Assign channels to users or remove user-channel membership.
  • Search and filter users.

User Management

Channel Management

Channel Management lets you manage channel and membership data on an app's keyset.

  • View, create, update, and delete channels.
  • Check what users are assigned to a channel.
  • Add users to channels or remove user-channel membership.
  • Search and filter channels.

Channel Management

Channel Monitor

Channel Monitor lets you manage and moderate channels, users, and messages on an app's keyset.

You can watch live previews of conversations happening on five selected channels. If you spot anything disturbing (misbehaving users, offensive messages), you can act on it immediately using straightforward UI views and actions:

  • Monitor channels - Start monitoring live conversations (messages and threads) on selected channels.
  • Moderate users - Add misbehaving users to a watchlist and mute or ban them if they cross the line.
  • Moderate messages - Edit or delete problematic messages or send messages to all channel members as a moderator.

Channel Monitor

Presence Management

Presence Management lets you create rules defining which Presence events you want to track on which channel patterns.

  • View, create, update, and delete presence rules.
  • Change rules order.
  • Configure webhooks for rules.

Presence Management


All BizOps Workspace modules, apart from Presence Management, are available to PubNub customers on paid pricing plans.

  • Starter - Unlimited access to all BizOps Workspace features.

  • Pro - Access to all BizOps Workspace views and features for the trial period of one month. After this trial period, you can contact sales to upgrade your plan and continue to have unlimited access.


You can access BizOps Workspace through the Admin Portal by selecting BizOps Workspace on the sidebar and then clicking the User Management, Channel Management, Channel Monitor, or Presence Management module.

Choose an app and a keyset to see the content of the modules.

You may also be asked to configure the selected keyset before working with App Context and chat data.


Before accessing BizOps Workspace modules and managing the data, you may be asked to configure the selected app's keyset.

PubNub featureUser ManagementChannel ManagementChannel MonitorPresence ManagementDescription
App ContextRequiredRequiredRequiredn/aBizOps Workspace relies on your app's user, channel, and membership metadata stored at PubNub. To manage and moderate all that data, you must enable App Context on your app's keyset in the Admin Portal and make sure User Metadata Events, Channel Metadata Events, and Membership Events are enabled.
Message Persistencen/an/aRequiredn/aEnable Message Persistence to edit, delete, store, and restore deleted messages.
Chat SDKn/an/aRecommendedn/aChat SDK and its features power almost the entire backend of Channel Monitor. For this reason, all Channel Monitor functionalities are available by default for apps built with Chat SDK.

If your app doesn't use Chat SDK, your access to features under Channel Monitor will be limited (you won't be able to view, edit, or delete messages or threads) unless your application code bridges that gap.

However, you can still access Channel Monitor and view (historical and new) messages posted on your app's channels if you provide the JSON path to your app's custom message payload so that Channel Monitor can locate it and display on UI.

To do so, follow on-screen instructions to set up Channel Monitor Configuration:

  • Message Content Path (required) — refers to the getMessagePublishBody field in Chat SDK where the default value is message.text. Point to the JSON path in your app with the message content, like $my.custom.payload.structure.text.
  • Edit Action Name (optional) — refers to the editMessageActionName field in Chat SDK where the default value is edited. State what action you want Channel Monitor to add to all edited messages, like updated.
  • Soft Delete Action Name (optional) — refers to the deleteMessageActionName field in Chat SDK where the default value is deleted. State what action you want Channel Monitor to add to all soft deleted messages, like removed.
Access Managern/an/aRecommendedn/aTo effectively mute a user or ban them from a specific channel using the Channel Monitor, make sure you also configure Access Manager in your application to grant or revoke server permissions from users based on their muting or banning restrictions on UI.
Presencen/an/an/aRequiredTo monitor Presence events on channels, make sure you enable Presence on your app's keyset in the Admin Portal.
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