Snapshot Dashboard

The Snapshot dashboard provides a high-level view across your channels, messages, and users on a keyset.

PubNub Insights Guided Tour

PubNub Insights offers a unique way of learning how to use its features by providing a built-in Guided Tour directly in the Admin Portal.

Snapshot dashboard

The Big Numbers section you see at the top provides channel, user, and message metrics for the most recent time period of the selected date range. The percentage shown compares the change between the most recent time period and the previous one. For example, if the time period is "hour," then the section shows the percentage change between the most recent hour and the previous hour.

The Activity Map section lets you view messages and user activity on an interactive map. You can zoom into specific countries or territories for details. You can conduct a more targeted approach by choosing a country from the country dropdown list, which limits the list of states/provinces to the selected country.

Features on this dashboard

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