Messages Dashboard

The Messages dashboard allows for a deep dive into your messages, which are data packages published to your channels.

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Messages dashboard

The Big Numbers section at the top provides analytics for the most recent hour of the selected date range. The percentage next to the number compares the change between the most recent hour and the previous hour.

Most recent hour

The horizontal bar chart on the right provides counts of messages in hourly periods for the selected date range, so you can track trends and identify patterns. The Premium dashboards also display daily, weekly and monthly time periods for the same set of metrics.

The Top 10 Messages Types chart lets you see which message types are most popular. The metrics for this chart will automatically populate if you are following PubNub's payload type conventions. If you are not, then you can populate the chart by editing and providing your JSON path in the Messages Configuration section of Dashboard Settings.

The bottom section consists of three separate charts that showcase Locations with the Highest Message Activity.

  • A table showcasing Countries with the Highest Messages activity
  • A table showcasing States or Provinces with the Highest Number of Messages
  • A bar chart showcasing Top 10 States or Provinces with Highest Number of Messages

Highest message activity

Message type conventions

If you follow the recommended payload type conventions, the message type and chat metrics on the Messages dashboard should populate automatically.

Features on this dashboard

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