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PubNub Chat Components are ready-made building blocks you can use to either create web and mobile chat apps from scratch or add chat features to your existing applications.

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PubNub provides a few in-house components that supply both the UI for your chat apps (so-called "UI Components") and the back-end communication handled by PubNub (so-called "Data Components").

Chat ProviderTop-level component that sets up default chat configuration
Channel listList of channels that represent chat rooms in the application
Member listList of users with properties like names, titles, or avatars
Message listPaginated list of messages with sender details
Message inputField to send messages and emojis in chat rooms


PubNub Chat Components provide a number of features you can enable in your chat apps, such as typing indicators, tracking user's online/offline status, viewing historical messages or adding reactions to messages.

FeatureDescriptionRelated componentLinks
ThemingDefault themes you can customizeAll
Typing indicatorNotifications that show users are typingMessage Input
User presenceList of users currently present on the channelCustom hook
Message historyMessages you can fetch from Message Persistence and display on a channelMessage List
File uploadShare and download images or any other data filesMessage Input
Message reactionsEmojis you can add to messagesMessage List
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