Typing Indicator for PubNub Chat Components for React Native

Subscribes to events generated by MessageInput to display information about users that are currently typing messages.

It can be displayed as a text denoting the user's name, or in a form similar to a message that can be renderer inside the Message List component.


Check the preview of a sample Typing Indicator component and its source code.

Typing Indicator restriction

In the current implementation of PubNub Chat Components for React Native, you won't see Typing Indicator for your own messages.

Typing Indicator


You can configure the component using these parameters:

ParameterTypeDefault valueDescription
showAsMessage?booleanfalseOption to put a typing indicator inside the MessageList component to render indicators as messages.
style?TypingIndicatorStyle & MessageListStylen/aOption to provide a custom StyleSheet for the component. It will be merged with the default styles.