Member List for PubNub Chat Components for React Native

Renders a list of members.

It can represent all users of the application, only members of the current channel, users currently subscribed/present on the channel, or whatever else is passed into it. Custom memberRenderer can be used to modify how the users are rendered. For example you can add presence indicators.


Check the source code of the Member List component and its preview on the right.

You are set as Sue Flores.

Configurable parameters

The component source code contains additional parameters that are commented out. These parameters are optional and you can use them to configure the component layout to your liking. Refer to the Parameters section for details on their usage.

Try it out

Modify the source code of the component to your liking and see the changes live on the preview. For example, you can change the theme to dark or uncomment one of the configurable parameters to see how you can modify the component's default behavior.


You can configure the component using these parameters:

ParameterTypeDefault valueDescription
members?UserEntity[] | string[][]Option to pass a list of members, including metadata, to render on the list.
presentMembers?string[][]Option to pass a list of present member IDs to mark them with a presence indicator.
selfText?string"(You)"This text is added after current user's name.
sort?(a: UserEntity, b: UserEntity) => -1 | 0 | 1n/aMembers are sorted by presence and alphabetically by default, you can override that by providing a sorter function.
extraActionsRenderer?(member: UserEntity) => JSX.Elementn/aProvide extra actions renderer to add custom action buttons to each member.
memberRenderer?(member: UserEntity) => JSX.Elementn/aOption to provide a custom user renderer to override themes and styles.
onMemberClicked?(member: UserEntity) => unknownn/aCallback run when a user clicked one of the members.
onMemberLongPressed?(member: UserEntity) => unknownn/aCallback run when a user long pressed one of the members. Can be used for extra actions menu.
style?MemberListStylen/aOption to provide a custom StyleSheet for the component. It will be merged with the default styles.
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