Create Decision

Once you have a Business Object and a metric, start acting on them. Configure Decisions


A collection (or decision table) of conditions and actions. When conditions are satisfied, the corresponding actions are triggered as per defined rules.
and related rules


A definition (row in a decision table) stating which action should be triggered for which condition.
to evaluate metric data and trigger predefined actions


The type of activity (procedure) to execute when a condition is satisfied (for example, sending a message).
with business logic whenever the metric data hits a specific threshold (condition


A requirement that must be satisfied or evaluated to true for an action to be executed. Input in a decision table.

Use case

For our documentation use case, we will create a Decision based on the previously created (and activated) Game engagement experiment Business Object and the Message sum metric.

We want to configure a Decision that defines a personalized message with a discount code to be sent to the guilds whenever the number of messages they publish within the 30 minutes period is 100 or more.


Check configuration details


Follow the sections to configure a Decision with actions and rules.

Create actions

Start by creating a Decision and defining what actions you want to trigger.

Add conditions and rules

Create rules that trigger actions whenever predefined conditions are met.

Once you configure and save the Decision (with actions and rules ready), you must activate the Decision.

Activate Decision

To evaluate the conditions and rules and execute actions connected in previous steps, you must activate the Decision.

Conditions for activating a Decision

Head to the Additional details section for details on conditions that must be met to activate a Decision.

After activating the Decision, you can still edit the values in the Decision rules.

Once you activate the Decision, the defined rules will start running, and the configured actions can get triggered. You can see that on a Dashboard with a chart created for the same metric you used in the Decision.

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