About Dashboards

Illuminate lets you visualize not only the metrics you want to track but also the decision actions and their results through charts on Dashboards.

This way, you can observe trends in your product in real time, react and refine your approach with data-driven business decisions.


A Dashboard is a collection of charts that lets you see all of your metrics in one place.

For example, you can create a Dashboard collecting charts with metrics for all "Key Moments" that happened during a given watch party, like:

  • Count of soccer game participants who viewed the "Key Moment" like Goal, Penalty, or a Red Card.
  • The sum of advertised items purchased by viewers during the "Key Moments."
Data time zone

Data displayed on a chart is shown in your browser’s time zone.

To create a Dashboard and a chart, go to the Dashboards module under Illuminate in the left navigation on the Admin Portal. Read Create dashboards and charts for more details.


A chart is a visual representation of a metric defined for a given Business Object. For example, you can visualize a sum of merchandise items (like jerseys, scarves, or hats) purchased by viewers during the "Key Moment" in a live event.

At any time, you can customize the way metric data is displayed in a chart:

  • Show a different time range (like 30 minutes, 1 hour, or Custom date).
  • Display metrics data through different chart types, either as a bar chart (default view), a stacked bar chart or a line graph.

Additional details

To work effectively with Dashboards, mind the following:

  • You must first create a Dashboard to include charts in it.
  • To create a chart, you must first create a Business Object and add a metric to it.
  • If the chart relies on a Business Object that is used in a Decision, you’ll see the decision preview at the bottom of the chart preview. Thanks to that, you can monitor when actions in the Decision were triggered without leaving the chart’s preview.
  • To see data on your charts, make sure the Business Object the metric belongs to has been activated.

Home page

The Dashboards home page lists all charts and Dashboards you created.

Clicking the "Actions" menu next to each chart lets you edit or delete a chart.

Dashboards — Home page


Within the selected Dashboard view, Illuminate lets you edit and delete charts and dashboards you previously created through buttons or the "Actions" menu.

Dashboards — settings 1

Dashboards — settings 2

Within a chart view, you can switch between bar, stacked bar, and line chart types by clicking the chart type icon on each chart. You can also make your charts full-width or half-width by clicking the width icon.

Chart — settings

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