Third-party integrations

Functions enables you to write code, or leverage existing code, to achieve required business logic, whether transforming messages and data as they pass through PubNub, re-routing those messages, augmenting, filtering, and even aggregating data for subsequent use.

Functions doesn't require you to spin up your own servers or incur increased latency through call-outs to external server/serverless technology; the code you write or leverage runs within PubNub's operational environment, giving you the scale and speed that you need for your applications.

Use Cases

With Functions, you can execute a variety of operations against your messages and data. You can also develop custom APIs that can be called directly from your own applications, services or processes. Some examples include:

  • User blocking discards messages from specific users.

  • Spam filtering detects spam messages and trashes them before they're sent to other users or recorded in history.

  • Aggregation logic combines multiple messages into a single message to subscribing clients. For example, in large chat rooms, it can be more efficient to aggregate reactions or live poll results.

  • Third-party integrations let you redirect message data to third-party services via web service calls.

Integration Catalog

PubNub develops and maintains this catalog with a large collection of predefined and customizable Functions. You can import Integrations from within the PubNub Admin Portal itself. You can quickly integrate to third-party services to do things like translate message content, integrate into a chatbot, or perform sentiment analysis on chat room content.

When you integrate with third-party services, such as Amazon, Librato, MapBox, or RingCentral, the services often require account setup to use them.

Get inspired by our Integration Catalog.

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