Integrate content moderation

Content Moderation helps you moderate chat messages in real time to keep your chats clean and safe for all ages. Detect objectionable words in any given text and censor the content in a variety of ways. Select from a list of prebuilt Integrations or build your own logic to moderate or restrict content, such as adult content, on your application.

  • TwoHat Community Sift is an API that integrates with chat, comments, gaming, and other social applications. Sift Ninja analyzes and filters text based on certain risk levels, and can then automatically moderate, hash out profanity, or mark as NSFW, all fully customizable.
  • Neutrino Profanity Filter detects profanity in text, and offers a variety of censoring options.
  • Neutrino HTML Sanitizer cleans and sanitizes HTML to ensure user supplied content is safe and secure.
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