Moderation dashboard

PubNub's Moderation Dashboard is an open-source, configurable GUI application that enables moderation capabilities for your chat apps.

Using Moderation Dashboard you can perform common moderation tasks, such as:

  • Moderating messages (text and images) for inappropriate content
  • Responding to reports of innapproptiate behavior from other users (the so-called "user flagging")
  • Moderating user permissions by blocking or muting them from a channel or banning them completely from the application that is being moderated.

Moderation Dashboard works best with applications that have been properly configured to support moderation. PubNub provides such a reference chat application that you can use as a starting point to play with moderation features. If you'd like to add moderation capabilities to an existing chat app built with PubNub, check the Required Configuration document to learn how to prepare your app for moderation.

Call for contribution

Moderation Dashboard, as any other open-source project, values contributions. If you want to help the project evolve, raise an issue or create a pull request directly in the Moderation Dashboard repository.

Get started

Run local GUI to learn how to moderate messages, users, and channels.


Play with an interactive Moderation Dashboard demo, sample user and channel data. Later, see your moderation in action in an integrated React chat app.

Source code

View source code, create issues, and pull requests.


Set up Moderation Dashboard locally and run it together with the moderated chat app.


Moderation Dashboard supports:

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