Channel management


To view channel membership details and manage channel metadata, enable and configure Presence and App Context for your chat app keyset on the Admin Portal. Check Required Configuration for details.

Moderation Dashboard GUI allows admins to manually manage channel metadata on chat app users through the Channels view.

View channel list


As an admin, you can view channels metadata in a paginated list of channels.

View channel list

Inside each channel details view, you can check the total number of channel members and their online/offline status:

View members


Admins can update channels' metadata (channel ID, display name, and description) with the edit icon next to the selected channel.

Edit channels


Admins can also add a new channel from the channels list by clicking the ADD CHANNEL button.

Add channels


Admin can delete channels metadata with the delete icon next to the selected channel.

Delete channels


Join a channel by clicking it directly or through the JOIN CHANNEL button by providing the ID of the channel you want to join.

Join channels

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