User management

Moderation Dashboard GUI allows admins to manually manage user metadata on chat app users through the Users view.

App Context

To manage user details, enable and configure App Context for your chat app keyset on the Admin Portal. Check Required Configuration for details.

User moderation

This feature requires certain application configuration and design patterns in the moderated application. User details are stored in the App Context metadata. The application needs to be configured to use metadata and the moderated chat app must be configured to handle user metadata change events and respond accordingly.


As an admin, you can view users' metadata in a paginated list of users.

View user metadata


You can also update users' metadata (user ID, user name, email address, profile URL) by clicking the edit icon next to the selected user.

Edit user metadata


Add a new user by clicking the ADD USER button. That requires providing such user data as user ID, user name, email address, and profile URL.

Add new users


Delete users' metadata with the delete icon next to the selected user.

Delete user metadata

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