UnityUnity V4 SDK Troubleshooting Guide


These docs are for PubNub 4.x for Unity which is our latest and greatest! For the docs of the older versions of the SDK, please check PubNub 3.x for Unity.

If you have questions about the PubNub for Unity SDK, please contact us at support@pubnub.com.

Set LogVerbosity to PNLogVerbosity.BODY when initializing PubNub. Add a define symbol: ENABLE_PUBNUB_LOGGING for each of the platform you want to enable logging. This setting is available in the Unity Editor: File-> Build Settings -> Player Settings -> Other Settings -> Configuration -> Scripting define symbols (After you type ENABLE_PUBNUB_LOGGING in it do remember to press return with the focus still in the text box or your setting will not be saved.). In the Build Settings of UnityEditor check Development Build, then build and run.

The location of the log files can be found at this link: