UnityFeatures Matrix for Unity V4 SDK


These docs are for PubNub 4.x for Unity which is our latest and greatest! For the docs of the older versions of the SDK, please check PubNub 3.x for Unity.

If you have questions about the PubNub for Unity SDK, please contact us at support@pubnub.com.

Add ChannelsAdd channel to a channel group.
List Channels In Channel GroupList all channels of a channel group.
Remove ChannelsRemove channel from channel group.
Remove Channels GroupsRemove channel groups.
Add Device To ChannelsEnables push notifications on provided set of channels.
List Channels From DeviceList all channels on which push notification has been enabled.
Remove DeviceDisable push notifications from all channels which is registered.
Remove Device From ChannelsDisable push notifications on provided set of channels.
Request message count exceededWhen the number of messages arrived on a subscribe response are equal to or greater the number set in the init config, a new status message on the status callback, with the category PNRequestMessageCountExceededCategory, will be invoked.
QueryParam in all API callsThe keys and values of the variable are passed as the query string parameters of the URL called by the API.
TelemetrySends back latency info to the server.
Configurable Heartbeats per channelUser can start/stop heartbeats without subscription to channel or channel group.
Get StateGet state is used to get the key/value pairs specific to a subscriber uuid.
HeartbeatTimeout events are triggered when the server does not hear a hearbeat from the client within a default timeout time of 280 seconds.
Here NowObtain information about the current state of a channel including a list of unique user-ids currently subscribed to the channel and the total occupancy count of the channel.
Here Now RefreshIf the full interval message is greater than 30KB (since the max publish payload is ∼32KB), none of the extra fields will be present. Instead there will be a here_now_refresh boolean field set to true. This indicates to the user that they should do a hereNow request to get the complete list of users present in the channel.
Presence Heartbeat call optimizations.Presence Heartbeat call is delayed if a Subscribe call precedes it within the presence heartbeat interval.
Set StateSet state is used to set key/value pairs specific to a subscriber uuid.
Where NowObtain information about the current list of a channels to which a uuid is subscribed to.
FireFire method used for publishing. When a message is sent using fire, it will not be replicated to other Points of Presence, it will remain at the originating Point of Presence, and is not eligible for archiving via the Storage and Playback feature.
Publish AsynchronouslyPublish the message asynchronously.
Publish using GETPublish using HTTP GET
Publish using POSTPublish using HTTP POST
Publish with MetadataPublish extra meta with the request used for Message Filtering.
Store FlagAbility to skip message from storage.
TTL per published messageOffer the ability to set a per message time to live in storage.
Send a SignalHas support to send a Signal
CountSpecifies the number of historical messages to return.
Count of Messages on ChannelsThe API is a history based API that simply does a mostly normal history operation but instead of returning the messages in a channel it returns the count of messages. Without actually calling history on those channels this API gives you the ability to say if there are messages in the chat channel you can go look at further.
Delete messages from storageRemoves the messages from the history of a specific channel.
Fetch messages from storageThis function fetches historical messages from multiple channels.
Fetch messages from storage with metaThis function fetches historical messages from multiple channels with metadata
History with metaThe SDK has support to retrieve History with metadata
Include TimetokenWhether event dates time tokens should be included in response or not.
ReverseTraverse the timeline in reverse starting with the oldest message first.
Start EndTime token delimiting the start/end of time slice (exclusive) to pull messages from.
Filter ExpressionStream Filter allows a subscriber to apply a filter to only receive messages that satisfy the conditions of the filter. The message filter is set by the subscribing client(s) but it is applied on the server side thus preventing unwanted messages (those that do not meet the conditions of the filter) from reaching the subscriber.
Publisher UUIDHas the publisher UUID of the published message.
PubSub v2 compatibilityUses PubSub v2 to make subscribe calls.
Signal ListenerHas support to listen to Signal messages
Subscribe to channel groupsAbility to subscribe to channel groups.
Subscribe to channelsAbility to subscribe to channels.
Subscribe to presence channel groupsAbility to subscribe to presence channel groups.
Subscribe to presence channelsAbility to subscribe to presence channels.
Subscribe with timetokenSubscribe with timetoken.
Wildcard subscribeWildcard subscribes allow the client to subscribe to multiple channels using wildcard. E.g., if you subscribe to a.* you will get all messages for a.b, a.c, a.x. The wildcarded * portion refers to any portion of the channel string name after the dot (.).
TimeThis function will return a 17 digit precision Unix epoch from the server.