Message object

Message is an object that refers to a single message published on a chat channel.


The Message object has the following properties:

class Message {
timetoken: string,
content: TextMessageContent,
channelId: string,
userId: string,
actions?: MessageActions,
meta?: {
[key: string]: any
timetokenstringUnique identifier for the message, possibly a timestamp or similar value that helps order messages in a conversation.
contentTextMessageContentOriginal text content of the message.
channelIdstringUnique identifier for the channel or group in which the message was sent.
userIdstringUnique ID of the user who sent the message.
actionsMessageActions or undefinedAny actions associated with the message, such as reactions, replies, or other interactive elements.
metaobject or undefinedExtra information added to the message giving additional context. This object can be of any type and can consist of a list of key-value pairs. For example, {language: 'English', wordCount: 42}.

The message and message reaction types defined for the Message object take the following parameters:

  • TextMessageContent

    type TextMessageContent = {
    type: MessageType.TEXT;
    text: string;
    files?: {
    name: string;
    id: string;
    url: string;
    type?: string
  • MessageActions

    type MessageActions = {
    [type: string]: {
    [value: string]: {
    uuid: string;
    actionTimetoken: string | number;

A single text message has the text type.

export enum MessageType {
TEXT = "text"

Depending on how a message was manipulated (what action was taken on it), it is assigned a different action type (for adding a message reaction to a message, editing, or deleting a message). For example, MessageActionType.EDITED.

export enum MessageActionType {
REACTIONS = "reactions",
DELETED = "deleted",
EDITED = "edited",


You can call the following methods on the Message object.

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Use case

For example, you can use the Message object methods to:

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