Status Events for PubNub Kotlin SDK


Current categoryDeprecated categoryDescription
NonePNReconnectedCategorySDK was able to reconnect to PubNub.
PNConnectedCategoryPNConnectedCategorySDK successfully subscribed with a new mix of channels.
NonePNAcknowledgmentCategoryUsed API report success with this status category.
NonePNTimeoutCategoryUsed API didn't receive a response from the server in time.
PNUnexpectedDisconnectCategoryPNUnexpectedDisconnectCategorySubscribe loop failed, and the client disconnected from real-time data channels.
PNMalformedResponseCategoryPNMalformedResponseCategoryRequest received in response non-JSON data. It can be because of publish WiFi hotspot which requires authorization or a proxy server message.
NonePNRequestMessageCountExceededCategoryIf requestMessageCountThreshold is set, this status event will arrive each time when the client receives more messages than specified.
NonePNReconnectionAttemptsExhaustedThe subscribe loop has been stopped due to maximum reconnection exhausted.
PNDisconnectedCategoryPNDisconnectedCategoryThe subscription has been stopped. SDK usubsrcibed from all channels.
PNConnectionErrorNoneThe subscribe loop connection cannot be initialized.
PNSubscriptionChangedNoneSDK subscribed with a new mix of channels since the initial connection - subscribed to another channel or unsubscribed from a channel while still being subscribed to other channels.
Fired every time the channel/channel group mix changes.
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