Status Events for PubNub Kotlin SDK


PNBadRequestCategoryPubNub Kotlin SDK will send a PNBadRequestCategory when some parameter is missing like message, channel, subscribe key, publish key.
PNUnexpectedDisconnectCategoryThe SDK isn't able to reach the PubNub Data Stream Network because the machine or device aren't connected to Internet or this has been lost, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is having to troubles or perhaps or the SDK is behind of a proxy.
PNTimeoutCategoryProcessing has failed because of request time out.


PNReconnectedCategorySDK was able to reconnect to PubNub.
PNConnectedCategorySDK subscribed with a new mix of channels (fired every time the channel / channel group mix changed).
PNAcknowledgmentCategoryUsed API report success with this status category.
PNAccessDeniedCategoryRequest failed because of access error (active Access Manager). pnStatus.affectedChannels or pnStatus.affectedChannelGroups contain list of channels and groups to which user with specified authentication key doesn't have access.
PNTimeoutCategoryUsed API didn't receive response from server in time.
PNUnexpectedDisconnectCategoryPreviously started subscribe loop did fail and at this moment client disconnected from real-time data channels.
PNBadRequestCategoryRequest can't be completed because not all required values have been passed or passed values have unexpected data type. PubNub Kotlin SDK will send a PNBadRequestCategory when one or more parameters are missing like message, channel, subscribe key, publish key.
PNMalformedFilterExpressionCategorySubscription request can't be processed by PubNub service because filter expression malformed and can't be evaluated.
PNMalformedResponseCategoryRequest received in response non-JSON data. It can be because of publish WiFi hotspot which require authorization or proxy server message.
PNRequestMessageCountExceededCategoryIf requestMessageCountThreshold is set, this status event will arrive each time when the client receives more messages than specified.
PNUnknownCategoryThe subscriber gets a 4xx code from the server, other than 400, 403 and 404
PNCancelledCategoryRequest was cancelled by user.
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