Operational Dashboards

PubNub offers visibility into your app's performance metrics through Operational Dashboards - a set of pre-configured dashboards that allow you to monitor a selected subscribe key. The service collects real-time information about requests made by your app to various PubNub APIs.

Operational Dashboards Overview

With Operational Dashboards, you get the following:

  • Summary metrics about the total app usage with a fixed time range (metrics from the last hour, updated every 5 minutes)
  • Regional service usage for all 5 PubNub data centers (us-east-1: Virginia, us-west-1: California, eu-central-1: Frankfurt, ap-northeast-1: Tokyo, ap-south-1: Mumbai)
  • Max requests-per-second (RPS) for the selected time and respective RPS change from the same period in the previous day
  • Separate sections on server and client errors, including error percentage of total requests
  • Green/Yellow/Red color coding for client percentage errors (green up to 1%, yellow 1-5%; red over 5%)
  • Function breakdown by inbound and outbound requests and respective errors
  • Push notification requests


With these metrics at hand, you can:

  • Visualize PubNub app performance metrics through counters, graphs, and color coding.
  • See whether your PubNub services are running as expected or are suffering an outage. This way, you can find and solve problems and maintain the highest standard of service for your users.
  • Ensure you constantly operate in real time or deal with usage and user spikes. For instance, if you run live events, you can know immediately if any latency is detected and quickly derive insights into the cause to keep your audiences happy, engaged, and interacting in real time.
  • Receive immediate notifications for dropped messages or traffic slowdowns. Notifications empower you to take the necessary steps to keep your app running smoothly.
  • Integrate your PubNub app usage info into your own ops monitoring environment.


Operational Dashboards are available to customers on Gold and Platinum Support plans. The scope of the offer differs depending on your support plan:

Link to a real-time dashboard with metricsYesYes
Real-time metrics data exportNoYes

The dashboards offer insights into the following performance metrics for a chosen app's subscribe key:


Request the following Operational Dashboards access by raising a PubNub support ticket.

Request dashboard access

Being a Gold or Platinum Support customer entitles you to one operational dashboard showing subscribe key-specific metrics. To access them, raise a PubNub support ticket or contact support directly specifying these details:

  • Subscribe key for which you want to track metrics in the dashboard
  • Accessibility settings on whether or not you want your Operational Dashboards link to be available to everyone or restrict it to a set of individual email addresses.

Once your request is processed, you'll get a link to your operational dashboard with PubNub API performance metrics.

To get access to metrics for more than one subscribe key (for example, to track both your prod and dev environments performance), contact sales to discuss pricing.

Request metrics export

If you already have your own ops monitoring environment set up within your organization, you might want to request the PubNub dashboard data to be exported. This way, you can integrate these app-specific metrics into your monitoring tool (such as Datadog or New Relic) instead of viewing them on a separate dashboard link. For more details, view the list of available raw data queries.

To request your Operational Dashboards metrics export, open a PubNub support ticket or send an email with the following information:

  • Datadog API Key
  • Datadog Region (if not the default US region)
  • New Relic Insert key
  • New Relic Datacenter (if not US)

Once the metrics export is ready, refer to sample queries to help you visualize the raw metrics in your monitoring tool.

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