Event object

An object that refers to a single piece of information emitted when someone is typing, receiving a message, mentioning others in a message, or reporting a message/user to the admin.

Contrary to other Chat SDK entities, this object provides no methods. Its only purpose is to pass payloads of different types emitted when certain chat operations occur.


The Event object has the following properties:

class Event<T extends EventType> {
timetoken: string
type: T
payload: EventContent[T]
channelId: string
userId: string
timetokenstringTimetoken of the message that triggered an event.
typeTType of action that emits an event: typing, report, receipt, mention, invite, moderation, or custom.
payloadEventContent[T]Data passed in an event that differ depending on the event type.
channelIdstringTarget channel where this event is delivered.
userIdstringUnique ID of the user that triggered the event.

Event structure

Use case

You can use events to collect historical chat events or create your own custom events. You can later visualize them in a graphical form (like a moderation dashboard for flagged users and messages) or create additional business logic with functions that these events can trigger.

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