ChannelGroup Entity

Since version 9.0.0, the Kotlin SDK supports entities, which are SDK objects that provide operations on endpoints associated with their type. They are designed as first-class citizens to facilitate working with various PubNub APIs.

Certain PubNub API functionality is already exposed via entities, while other may still be available using the pubnub object.

Create ChannelGroup

This method returns one local ChannelGroup entity.

pubnub.channelGroup(String name)
nameStringYesThe name of a single channel group to create an entity for.

Basic usage

ChannelGroup myChannelGroup = pubnub.channelGroup("myGroup")

Available operations

The ChannelGroup entity provides operations performed on PubNub channel groups.

Operation (click for more information)Description
subscription(subscriptionOptions)Returns a local channel group subscription object with optional parameters to which you can subscribe and start receiving real-time updates for that channel group.
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