Status Events for PubNub Android SDK


PNBadRequestCategoryPubNub Java SDK will send PNBadRequestCategory when some parameter is missing like message, channel, subscribe key, publish key.
PNUnexpectedDisconnectCategoryThe SDK is not able to reach PubNub servers because the machine or device are not connected to Internet or this has been lost, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is having to troubles or perhaps or the SDK is behind of a proxy.
PNTimeoutCategoryProcessing has failed because of request time out.


PNNetworkUpCategoryThe SDK detected that the network is online.
PNNetworkDownCategoryThe SDK announces this when a connection isn't available, or when the SDK isn't able to reach PubNub servers.
PNNetworkIssuesCategoryA subscribe event experienced an exception when running. The SDK isn't able to reach PubNub servers. This may be due to many reasons, such as: the machine or device isn't connected to the internet; the internet connection has been lost; your internet service provider is having trouble; or, perhaps the SDK is behind a proxy.
PNReconnectedCategoryThe SDK was able to reconnect to PubNub.
PNConnectedCategorySDK subscribed with a new mix of channels. This is fired every time the channel or channel group mix changes.
PNAccessDeniedCategoryAccess Manager permission failure.
PNMalformedResponseCategoryJSON parsing crashed.
PNBadRequestCategoryThe server responded with a bad response error because the request is malformed.
PNDecryptionErrorCategoryIf using decryption strategies and the decryption fails.
PNTimeoutCategoryFailure to establish a connection to PubNub due to a timeout.
PNRequestMessageCountExceedCategoryThe SDK announces this error if requestMessageCountThreshold is set, and the number of messages received from PubNub (in-memory cache messages) exceeds the threshold.
PNUnknownCategoryReturned when the subscriber gets a non-200 HTTP response code from the server.
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