PubNub Redux Framework

Most chat applications need to manage the state of several data components—such as messages, server responses, and cached data (or any data on the local device that hasn't yet been sent upstream), not to mention any number of UI states—inside the app itself. As the application complexity increases, managing that state information within the application becomes more and more difficult.

The PubNub Redux framework make it easier for developers to manage state of data components inside the application. The framework adds structured data to the Redux store, listens to real-time events generated by the network, and stores these events on the client-side, and triggers updates to the view inside your application. These Redux-specific functions which can be integrated with your existing or new Redux data store

This reference section shows you how to set up the PubNub Redux framework for use in your application.

Beta release

The PubNub Redux Framework is in beta release with limited documentation. Detailed reference docs will be available soon.

Get Code: Source

Get Code: NPM

npm install pubnub-redux

About Redux

Redux is the most common state management solution built on JavaScript. It's a single source of truth that removes the need for components to communicate between themselves. Redux stores application state data in a single location, called the store. Components notify ("dispatch") the store about events ("Actions") which may require the state to change.

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