PHPPHP V4 Misc API Reference for Realtime Apps


These docs are for PubNub 4.x for PHP which is our latest and greatest! For the docs of the older versions of the SDK, please check PubNub 3.x for PHP.

If you have questions about the PubNub for PHP SDK, please contact us at

The methods on this page are utility methods that don't fit into other categories.
This function will return a 17 digit precision Unix epoch.
The timetoken is constructed using the following algorithm:
timetoken = (Unix epoch time in seconds) * 10000000
Example of creating a timetoken for a specific time and date
08/19/2013 @ 9:20pm in UTC = 1376961606
timetoken = 1376961606 * 10000000
timetoken = 13769616060000000
To fetch Time you can use the following method(s) in PHP V4 SDK
  1. This method doesn't take any argument.

$result = $pubnub->time()

getTimetoken()IntegerReturns a date representation of current time token.