useUsers for PubNub Chat Components for React

The hook returns a list of User ID metadata objects, optionally including the custom data object for each.

User ID / UUID

User ID is also referred to as UUID/uuid in some APIs and server responses but holds the value of the userId parameter you set during initialization.

Pagination is handled internally. You can adjust the limit of returned users on a single call (max/default 100) and call a function returned by the hook to get another page of results. This hook also sets up a listener that will react to updates and removals of already-fetched users. However, this behavior requires a living subscription to users getting updated - this should be handled by the components.

const [users, fetchPage, total, error, isLoading] = useUsers();

return <Chat users={users}>{/* Add components here */}</Chat>;


includeObjectOptionaln/aOption to include respective additional fields in the response.
→ customFieldsBooleanOptionalfalseOption to fetch custom fields.
filterStringOptionaln/aExpression used to filter the results. Only objects whose properties satisfy the given expression are returned. See the App Context Filtering Language Definition for more details.
sortObjectOptionaln/aKey-value pair of a property to sort by and a sort direction.

Available options are id, name, and updated.

Use asc or desc to specify sort direction, or specify null to take the default sort direction (ascending).

Example: {name: 'asc'}
limitNumberOptional100Number of objects to return in response.

Default is 100 which is also the maximum value.


array[0]User[]List of returned users.
array[1]FunctionFunction that can be called to fetch another page of users.
array[2]NumberTotal number of stored users.
array[3]ErrorIf there's an error fetching users, it will be available here.
array[4]BooleanIndicator that the users data is still being loaded.
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