SelectChangelog for Win8 SDK

These docs are for version 3.8.7 of the Windows 8 SDK. To check out the docs for the latest version Click Here.

PubNub 4.0 for C# is our latest and greatest! Please click here for our PubNub 4.0 for C# docs and SDK.

PubNub 3.x for C# will encounter End Of Life (EOL) Aug 1st, 2018. All users currently on 3.x should begin migrating to 4.x. The 3.x SDK will continue to work. We will no longer support it and if you run into an issue, we will request that you upgrade to the latest version before solving the issue.

If you have questions about the PubNub for C# SDK, please contact us at

  • Comma encoding fix for multi channelgroups

  • Fixed channel remove from channelgroup

  • Added pn- prefix to default uuid

  • Default origin changed

  • Added publish message ttl

  • Added PAM signature when secret key is provided

  • Added requestid url queryparam to avoid caching issues

  • Improved error logging to handle network failure

  • Applied strong naming to .net SDKS, PCL, NetPlatform SDKs

  • Created NetPlatform SDK to support .net core and multi-PCL profile.

  • Implemented Channel Groups for mono clients (mono-for-mac, monotouch, mono-for-android, mono-for-linux).

  • Refactored unit tests for mono clients to support offline testing in addition to online.

  • Migrated monotouch from Xamarin.iOS Classic to Xamarin.iOS Unified API.

  • Improved unit tests to avoid unwanted web requests.

  • Improved Pubnub Core file to cleanup callback variable when unsubscribed channel.

  • Used target android API 22 for mono-for-android client to test latest API.

  • Added pnsdk and UUID params.

  • Provided option to store published message or not in history.

  • Implemented Push notification feature supporting MPNS for windows phone 8 client..

  • Implemented Channel Groups.

  • Fixed issue where null keys were not handled properly.

  • Fixed corner case issue where Xamarin.iOS UI could hang on complex object publish.

  • Improved unit tests for Mono clients on friendly messages.

  • Full support for new Presence features! Heartbeat, State, Where Now, Global Here Now.

  • Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8, and 8.1 Store Client Support (Surface).

  • Fixed potential for memory leak during device sleep.

  • Fixed an issue of delayed reconnect on Mono Touch.

  • Only perform presence heartbeats when user sets heartbeat timeout.

  • Fixed subscribe callback issue on JSONFX.

  • Better handling of non-200 responses.

  • Use explicitly provided PAM keys when performing PAM calls, not consumer key.

  • Clarify PAM TTLs are in minutes, not seconds, in variable names and comments.

  • Added a new demo - ePoll.