Reconnection Policies for PubNub Python-Twisted SDK


NOTICE: Based on current web trends and our own usage data, PubNub's Python Twisted SDK is deprecated as of May 1, 2019. Deprecation means we will no longer be updating the Python Twisted SDK but will continue to support users currently using it. Please feel free to use our other Python SDK offerings as they will continue to be supported and maintained. If you would like to use the Python Twisted SDK specifically, we would love to work with you on keeping this project alive!

Reconnection Policies

Python SDK has three types of Reconnection Policies when there is a network or internet issue.

  1. (default) PNReconnectionPolicy.NONE - indicates that NO action will taken when there is a network or internet issue.
  2. PNReconnectionPolicy.LINEAR - SDK will try to reconnect each 3 seconds.
  3. PNReconnectionPolicy.EXPONENTIAL - SDK uses the Exponential Backoff algorithm to reconnect when there is a network or internet issue. SDK uses MINEXPONENTIALBACKOFF = 1 second and MAXEXPONENTIALBACKOFF = 32 seconds. See: for more details.
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