Set user state

Set the Presence state info for a given UUID.

Path Parameters
sub_key string REQUIRED

Your app's subscribe key from Admin Portal.

Example: sub-c-50264475-1902-558x-d213-7p19052012n2

channel string REQUIRED

The channel name to perform the operation on. In the context of Presence, this parameter relates to a channel for which the new state will be applied or the existing state will be returned. Verify that channels are comprised of valid characters. You can use a single channel or multiple channels separated by a comma.

Example: myChannel

uuid string REQUIRED

A UTF-8 encoded string of up to 64 characters used to identify the client.

Example: myUniqueUserId

Query Parameters
channel-group string

Comma-separated list of channel group names to perform the operation on. In the context of Presence, this parameter relates to channel group name(s) to which you subscribe. You may subscribe to channels, channels and channel groups, or just channel groups.

Example: myChannelGroup

auth string

String which is either the auth key (PAM v2) or a valid token (Access Manager) used to authorize the operation if access control is enabled.

Example: myAuthKey

state string REQUIRED

This value is an object that will be set for all specified channels. You must be present in a channel to set state for it.

Example: %7B%22text%22%3A%22hey%22%7D

callback string

The JSONP callback name to wrap the function in.

Example: myCallback

signature string

Signature used to verify that the request was signed with the secret key associated with the subscribe key.

If Access Manager is enabled, either a valid authorization token or a signature are required. Check Access Manager documentation for details on how to compute the signature.

timestamp integer

Unix epoch timestamp used as a nonce for signature computation. Must have no more than ± 60 seconds offset from NTP. Required if signature parameter is supplied.



service string OPTIONAL
status integer OPTIONAL
error boolean OPTIONAL
message string OPTIONAL
payload string OPTIONAL