Remove all registrations for device

Remove all registrations for a device.

Returns array with two elements:

  • Array Element 0 - Integer – 1 or 0, where 1 is success, and 0 is error.
  • Array Element 1 - String – Description of the success or error, if available. e.g "Removed Device"
Path Parameters
sub_key string REQUIRED

Your app's subscribe key from Admin Portal.

push_token string REQUIRED

Push token of the device.

Example: A332C23D

Query Parameters
type string REQUIRED

Possible values: [apns, gcm, mpns]

Backend indicator (apns for apple, gcm for google, mpns for microsoft)

Example: apns

uuid string REQUIRED

A UTF-8 encoded string of up to 64 characters used to identify the client.

Example: myUniqueUserId

signature string

Signature used to verify that the request was signed with the secret key associated with the subscriber key.

If Access Manager is enabled, either a valid authorization token or a signature are required.

See Access Manager documentation for details on how to compute the signature.

timestamp integer

Unix epoch timestamp used as a nonce for signature computation. Must have no more than ± 60 seconds offset from NTP.

Required if signature parameter is supplied.




Bad Request

message string OPTIONAL
error boolean OPTIONAL
service string OPTIONAL
status integer OPTIONAL