Manage device registrations (APNS HTTP/2)

Add/remove/list channels in a single API call. If the add and remove query parameters are not present, the operation lists channels registered for the device.

Returns array with two elements:

  • Array Element 0 - Integer – 1 or 0, where 1 is success, and 0 is error.
  • Array Element 1 - String – Description of the success or error, if available. e.g "Modified Channels"
Path Parameters
sub_key string REQUIRED

Your app's subscribe key from Admin Portal.

devices-apns2 string REQUIRED

ID/Token of the device.

Example: A332C23D

Query Parameters
add string

List of channels for the device's inclusion in push registration. By using comma delimiters, multiple channels can be added e.g. (ch1, ch2, ch3), resulting in the addition of three channels.

Example: myChannel

remove string

Name of the channel for which the device will no longer recieve push notifications. By using comma delimiters, multiple channels can be added e.g. (ch1, ch2, ch3), resulting in the removal of three channels.

Example: myChannel

environment string REQUIRED

Possible values: [development, production]

Environment of the mobile application.

Example: development

topic string REQUIRED

Bundle ID of the mobile application.


start string

Starting channel for pagination. Use the last channel from the previous page request.

count integer

Number of channels to return for pagination. Max of 1000 tokens at a time. Defaults to 500.

uuid string REQUIRED

A UTF-8 encoded string of up to 64 characters used to identify the client.

Example: myUniqueUserId

auth string REQUIRED

String which is either the auth key (PAM v2) or a valid token (Access Manager) used to authorize the operation if access control is enabled.

Example: myAuthKey / p0thisAkFl043rhDdHRsCkNyZXisRGNoYW6hanNlY3JldAFDZ3Jwsample3KgQ3NwY6BDcGF0pERjaGFuoENnctokenVzcqBDc3BjoERtZXRhoENzaWdYIGOAeTyWGJI

signature string

Signature used to verify that the request was signed with the secret key associated with the subscriber key.

If Access Manager is enabled, either a valid authorization token or a signature are required.

See Access Manager documentation for details on how to compute the signature.

timestamp integer

Unix epoch timestamp used as a nonce for signature computation. Must have no more than ± 60 seconds offset from NTP.

Required if signature parameter is supplied.




Bad Request