The Redux framework provides listeners that monitor PubNub error handling and status events, and dispatch actions to update the store accordingly. Your application should respond to these actions to display an error message to the user and to optionally retry the operation.


The PubNub Redux framework provides reducers your app can implement that respond to various actions that update the store. To track the state of a set of objects in the store, combine the reducers you want into the rootReducer for your app.


createErrorStatusReducer instantiates a reducer in the store that responds to actions dispatched to update the state in the store when the listener receives an Error Status event.



The PubNub Redux framework includes listeners that monitor PubNub events from the server and dispatch corresponding actions. All listeners are automatically invoked if your app registers the combined PubNub listener. You can register only specific listeners, or implement your own combine listeners function.


createErrorStatusListener registers a listener in the store that monitors Error Status events.

A sample implementation of a single listener:



The PubNub Redux framework doesn't contain any built-in commands to dispatch an error status event action.


For additional information, refer to the following pages:

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