Troubleshooting PubNub Cocoa Objective-C SDK

In addition to enabling PubNub-specific logging as described below, you can gather crash reports and device logs from the App Store, TestFlight, and directly from devices. For more information, refer to this Apple document. You'll want to add identifiable symbol names to the reports, as well. This is also called symbolicating the reports.

Use this code to enable logging:

self.client.logger.enabled = YES;
[self.client.logger setLogLevel:PNVerboseLogLevel];
Enable logging

To enable logging before SDK version 4.5.0. You can use this: [PNLog enabled:YES];

How to find the version of your iOS SDK

To find your exact version, do one of the following:

  • In your Xcode project, navigate to PubNub > Misc > PNConstants.h

  • Or, to access it through code:

    NSString *version = [PubNub information].version;

Sending Logs to Support

Use a tool such as iExplorer or Devices (in menu bar, APPNAME/Documents) in Xcode to grab the logs from the APPNAME/Documents directory on your device, and include them in your support ticket.

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