Transaction Pricing

If you think the pricing model based on monthly active users (MAUs) isn't the optimal solution for your use case, you may consider transaction-based pricing.


Transactions are API requests made to the PubNub network. Each transaction can consist of up to a 2048 byte payload. Since PubNub supports payloads up to 32 kibibytes (KiB), larger transactions are counted as multiple transactions, where the payload is divided into 2 KiB (2048 bytes) parts.

Transaction-based Pricing

The table below contains information about costs per transaction type. For more information on transaction types, refer to Transaction Classification.

Transaction typeCost per unitTransaction description
Replicated Transaction$0.000123Any API call except those that have their own transaction type, such as Message Reaction or Signal, that results in replication of data to other Points of Presence (PoPs), for example, publishing a message.
Edge Transaction$0.000033Any API call except those that have their own transaction type, such as Message Reaction or Signal, that only affects a single region, for example, subscribing to a channel.
Message Reaction Transaction$0.000025API call to the Message Reactions API.
Signal Transaction$0.000008API call to the Signal API.
Function Execution$0.000025Execution of business logic using Functions.
Data Persistence$8/GBSome services such as In-App Messaging, Message Persistence, Key/Value store, and App Context might store data. You will be charged for data storage in addition to transaction charges.
Files$0.50/GBSome API calls share files and images over the PubNub network.

The first 10 gigabytes (GB) of transferred file data in a calendar month are free of charge. Data exceeding 10 GB in a calendar month are charged $0.50 per GB of transferred data.

If the files are stored for over 30 days, a separate monthly fee of $0.50 per GB stored is charged.

If you are interested in transaction-based pricing, reach out to PubNub Support. For more information on Events & Actions pricing, refer to Events & Actions Pricing.

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