Personalizing virtual patient care

Capture the ease and intimacy of in-person visits, virtually.

A platform solution that offers flexibility

Create a reliable, HIPAA-compliant communication platform—while retaining full control, functionality, and flexibility with integrations to services like EHR lookup, translation, and medical language processing.

Operate securely and at scale

Scaling with PubNub is easy. You can grow your chat to support unlimited concurrent users, whether that's 10 or 10 million. 

Continuous reliability

We value great customer service. With our Solutions Architects, support team, and uptime guarantees, you'll have the peace of mind that you’re building a solid solution that you can rely on.

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Creating a new standard of care with PubNub

Optimize care coordination

Optimize care coordination

Reduce wait times and improve scheduling with presence detection to instantly see which patients are online and which doctors are available to provide care, as well as real-time location to route patients quickly and easily.

Give patients immediate access to the care they need 

Expand and personalize patient care with integrations to EHR lookups, real-time translation, and video calling.

Get HIPAA-compliant chat up and running quickly

Build HIPAA-compliant chat that meets the needs of patients and care teams and saves your developers time, without sacrificing customization.

Improve treatment adherence

Improve treatment adherence

Leverage in-app notifications to help patients engage with their care, stick to their treatment plans, and keep their appointments.

Chat Components: Go to market quickly

Pre-built chat components let you create engaging apps in minimal time, without sacrificing customization.

A platform solution for all your real-time needs

As a real-time communication platform, we allow you to build additional in-app experiences out-of-the-box chat APIs can’t provide, like push notifications, geolocation tracking, data streaming, collaboration, and more.

Operate securely and reliably with built-in scalability

2 Trillion

Transaction processed per month

< 100ms

Latency worldwide

800 Million

Unique monthly devices


Uptime Service Level Agreements

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