Plans & Pricing

Go Network
1 Data Center
1 Million Messages / month
20 Daily Devices
Global Network
Custom Pricing
14 Data Centers With Global Replication
Millions of Messages
Millions of Daily Devices
99.999% uptime SLA's

Looking for Go Network tiered pricing?

1 Data Center
100 Daily Devices
$19 / month / add-on
1 Data Center
3k Daily Devices
$49 / month / add-on
1 Data Center
10k Daily Devices
$99 / month / add-on
1 Data Center
25k Daily Devices
$149 / month / add-on

PubNub Add-ons

All add-ons include a free 30-day trial

Detect when user enter/leave your app and whether machines are online.

Storage and Playback
Storage & Playback

Store realtime message streams for future retrieval and playback.

Stream Controller
Stream Controller

Subscribe, manage, and secure thousands of channels on a single connection.

Mobile Push Gateway
Mobile Push Gateway

Fallback to Push Notifications when app is offline, with massively scalable multicast support.

Real-time Analytics
Real-time Analytics

Realtime Maps and Graphs to view audience, usage and stats.

Access Manager

Fine grain Publish and Subscribe permissions down to persons, device or channel.

Support Plans

Super-human support from our dedicated team
  • Best effort response times
  • Web, email
  • 24 hour guaranteed response time
  • Web, email, screenshare
  • 1 Hour best practices session
  • 2 hour guaranteed response time
  • Web, email, screenshare, phone
  • 1 hour best practices session
  • Architecture review session
  • Direct Support from the PubNub Management Team
Per Event
  • 10 minute response time
  • Live proactive monitoring
  • Dedicated contact on the PubNub support team
  • 3 hour minimum


How are Daily Active Devices measured?
Daily Active Devices are measured as the number of unique IP addresses that subscribe to the PubNub network in a 24-hour period. This number may differ from unique visitor counts you obtain from other 3rd party analytic engines. For example, it is possible for mobile devices to be slightly over counted if they change IP addresses when moving from cellular data to WiFi networks. Conversely, the Daily Active Device count may be under counted in corporate network environments where many users connect from behind a firewall since they will appear to be using a single IP address. In order to more accurately track the Daily Active Devices we recommend setting a unique UUID via the PubNub client SDK.
Can I try PubNub for free?
Yes! We offer a free Sandbox tier for demo and hacking purposes. The Sandbox tier allows you to build apps with up to 20 Daily Active Devices. For demo projects this should be more than enough to get you up and running. Our Sandbox tier also includes our Free Support. So Get Started now!
What payment methods are accepted?
PubNub accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. For Global customers we also accept wire and ACH payments.
What are the message size limits?
Messages up to 32K in size can be sent through PubNub according to the following price structure.
  • $1/M avg. message size under 2K ($2/million w/TLS)
  • $2/M avg. message size under 4K ($4/million w/TLS)
  • $3/M avg. message size under 8K ($6/million w/TLS)
  • $4/M avg. message size under 16K ($8/million w/TLS)
  • $5/M avg. message size under 32K ($10/million w/TLS)
If your application requires larger message sizes contact us at
Where can I track my usage?
The PubNub Developer’s Portal gives you access to all of your usage metrics. These metrics are updated at least once per day so you should be able to get an accurate snapshot of your current monthly and historical usage. Simply login to the Portal and then click the Usage option at the top of the page.
More questions?
If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered here please contact us at
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