Reach your users with push notifications and alerts

Stay top of mind, even when your app is in the background. Push notifications keep your users engaged and informed.

Be rewarded for your growth

PubNub has no concurrency or channel limits, so you can scale without worrying about breaking the bank.

Quickly incorporate logic on your messages without touching code on your servers

PubNub Functions are serverless and enable the creation and execution of business logic on messages at the edge of the network.

Focus on innovation not infrastructure

The PubNub Virtual Space platform enables you to accelerate your product roadmap and stay ahead of the competition

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Tracking and Dispatch

Track geolocation and trigger dispatch events in real time.

Track location, log events, and automate actions.

With any transportation or on-demand delivery app, building fast and reliable tracking and dispatch functionality is essential.

Secure Financial Data Streaming

Stream live financial data updates to any number of devices in real time

Access Management and Financial Visualizations

Fine grain control over permissions for individual subscribers. Create real-time financial dashboards with up-to-date price indexes.

Live Price And Auction Updates

Push up-to-the-millisecond price and bid updates, no manual refresh required

Low-latency Signaling and Live User Status

Trigger changes in price based on user bids or other actions. Monitor online/offline status for bidders and hosts.

A platform solution for all your real-time needs

As a real-time communication platform, we allow you to build additional in-app experiences out-of-the-box chat APIs can’t provide, like push notifications, geolocation tracking, data streaming, collaboration, and more.

Operate securely and reliably with built-in scalability

2 Trillion

Transaction processed per month

< 100ms

Latency worldwide

800 Million

Unique monthly devices


Uptime Service Level Agreements

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