Grant permissions

In this request, the auth-key is the client that has permissions to modify Access Manager permissions, not the auth-key you want to modify permissions on.

The one you are changing permissions for is within the parameters.

Path Parameters
sub_key string REQUIRED

Your app's subscribe key from Admin Portal.

Example: sub-c-50264475-1902-558x-d213-7p19052012n2

Query Parameters
signature string REQUIRED

Used to verify the request was signed with the secret key associated with the subscribe key. For information on how to compute the signature, refer to Signature generation.

Example: v2.k80LsDMD-sImA8rCBj-ntRKhZ8mSjHY8Ivngt9W3Yc4

auth string REQUIRED

The Auth key that is being granted permissions.

Example: myAuthKey

uuid string

A UTF-8 encoded string of up to 64 characters used to identify the client.

Example: myUniqueUserId

timestamp integer REQUIRED

Unix epoch timestamp used as a nonce for signature computation. Must have no more than ± 60 second offset from NTP. This is not associated with the TTL at all.

Example: 123456789

ttl integer

Time to live for permission to be valid.

Example: 123456789

channel string

The channel name to perform the operation on. Comma separated values are accepted.

Example: myChannel,myChannel2

channel-group string

Comma-separated list of channel group names to perform the operation on.

Example: myChannelGroup1,myChannelGroup2

target-uuid string

Specifies the channel groups on which to grant permissions. Comma separated values are accepted.

Example: user-1,user-2

w integer

Possible values: [0, 1]

Write permission

Example: 1

r integer

Possible values: [0, 1]

Read permission

m integer

Possible values: [0, 1]

Manage permission

d integer

Possible values: [0, 1]

Delete permission

g integer

Possible values: [0, 1]

Get permission

u integer

Possible values: [0, 1]

Update permission

j integer

Possible values: [0, 1]

Join permission



status number OPTIONAL
message string OPTIONAL
payload object OPTIONAL
auths [object Object] OPTIONAL
ttl number OPTIONAL
channels OPTIONAL
channel-groups OPTIONAL
uuids object OPTIONAL
subscribe_key string OPTIONAL
level string OPTIONAL
channel string OPTIONAL
service string OPTIONAL

Error validating inputs. (E.g. missing required params or invalid input types.)


Invalid signature. (E.g. wrong secret key or character set encoding for signature computation.)