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All PCs, Consoles, Mobiles, and Companion Apps

In-Game Chat:

Leverage PubNub's experience in live chat to offer an in-game experience where players can seamlessly switch between private one-on-one conversations, group or team chats, or engage in expansive global discussions.

All Engines Covered

Regardless of your game engine of choice, you can Utilize PubNub's extensive range of over 25 SDKs, including a specialized Unity SDK, C-core for Unreal, and REST API for in-house engines, letting you manage your players in real-time regardless of choice.

Better Lobby Experiences

Revolutionize the way players group up with PubNub's presence and chat features. Create a more engaging and efficient pre-game lobby where players can effortlessly form groups before diving into the game.

Advanced Data Analysis with PubNub Insights

Unlock the full potential of your game data with PubNub Insights. This powerful tool provides immediate access to data visualizations directly from your PubNub dashboard. Track user engagement, monitor trends in feature usage, and strategically plan your next steps with ease and precision, all without requiring coding.

Dynamic Leaderboards and Score Keeping

Create excitement by leveraging PubNub's real-time API to create persistent or dynamic leaderboards. Use PubNub to keep track of millisecond-precision scoring, or stream live updates of scores and player statistics to the web, building vibrant and competitive atmosphere.

All Levels of Chat, Covered

Create features like Friend, Party, Guild, Clan, and Alliance Lists to help players maintain their gaming relationships both in-game and real-world. Utilize PubNub's Presence feature to notify users when their friends are online fostering strong bonds between players.

Skill-Based Matchmaking

Enhance player satisfaction with PubNub's Presence, Signals, and App Context to build sophisticated matchmaking systems. Tailor matches for various game modes by pairing players based on their skills, ensuring fairer and competitive gameplay.

Multiplayer Synchronization

Achieve seamless multiplayer interactions with PubNub's real-time synchronization. Exchange player movements, actions, and environmental updates instantaneously via PubNub's low-latency infrastructure.

Power In-Game Auction Systems

Elevate your in-game economy with PubNub's API to manage auction/marketplace systems. Create a dynamic marketplace where players can effortlessly buy and sell in-game items both in-game or via web/mobile applications.

Unmatched Scalability and Reliability

With over 3 trillion transactions processed monthly - averaging 22ms per Publish, over 800 million unique devices monthly, and a 99.9999% uptime, PubNub ensures that your game operates smoothly and efficiently, regardless of its scale.

Game Data Security

Exercise complete control over your data storage, restricting it to specific regions if necessary. Manage access to each data channel with token-based control, and rest assured with the knowledge that every message is protected with TLS and AES256 encryption.

Moderation for a Respectful Global Community

Foster a welcoming and inclusive environment with PubNub's real-time language translation and on-the-fly profanity filtering using PubNub Functions. Automatically translate player messages to build a global community, while maintaining positive interactions by filtering out offensive language.

Inventory Management and Player Trading

Boost player engagement with PubNub's App Context for player trading in real-time as well as player inventory management. Enable players to securely trade and store items within the game. Easily manage and track all player's inventory for suspicious activity.

Real-time Push Notifications

Keep your players connected and engaged with PubNub's Push notification system across both iOS and Android. Re-engage players by notifying them about live events, missed messages, and the latest news regarding your game. This feature plays a crucial role in maintaining player interest and increasing the frequency of game sessions.

Seamless Integration with Companion Apps

Create a cohesive gaming ecosystem with PubNub's API, which effortlessly connects your games to companion apps via one the our 25 SDKs. This seamless integration ensures that players can interact with your game universe on any platform. Whether it's for additional content, community interaction, or game management, PubNub’s API bridges the gap between your main game and companion apps.

Geolocation for Mobile Games

Tap into the power of PubNub’s proven geolocation technology, honed in ridesharing applications, to enhance your geo-based mobile games. This advanced geolocation feature allows for precise and real-time player tracking, adding an extra layer of engagement and interactivity to location-based gaming experiences.

Operate securely and reliably with built-in scalability

Build games that scale, no matter your players' needs.

3 Trillion

Transaction processed per month

< 100ms

Latency worldwide

800 Million

Unique monthly devices


Uptime Service Level Agreements

Enterprise grade security and compliance

Operate securely through TLS and AES256 encryption, and access flexible authorization schema through OAuth and LDAP models. We require no inbound open ports, which helps prevent attacks on your infrastructure. Plus, we support compliance for regulatory environments that include ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 Type 2, and CCPA.

GDPR logo: Secure in-app messages with enterprise-grade compliance
HIPAA logo: Secure live message app chat with enterprise-grade compliance
SOC2 logo: Secure chat apps with enterprise-grade compliance
CCPA logo: Enterprise-grade security for chat functionality.

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