Introduction to Mobile Push

About This Course:

Many are often confused about the difference between a PubNub realtime messages and mobile push notifications.

Why would you use mobile push notifications when you’re already using PubNub?

Mobile Push Notifications are usually used to notify a user of application updates in realtime, even if that application works on a traditional request-response model. Ideally, a PubNub application would allow you to see changes as they happen, but mobile has certain constraints.

iOS devices, for example, do not run in the background without permissions granted by Apple. With Android, unless you configure and implement your app to run as a background service, you may encounter similar challenges. The PubNub Mobile Push Gateway address this scenario.

What are Mobile Push Notifications, and how do you use the PubNub Mobile Push Gateway?

Mobile Push Notifications allow you to alert your mobile clients even if your app is running in the background but this is not as close to realtime as PubNub.

Push Notifications work in a similar fashion to regular Pub/Sub messaging. Sending a push notification is simply a matter of modifying your PubNub Publishes with special formatting, as well as setting up Push Notifications with your targeted mobile platform. Receiving them requires a subscribe call.

Use Cases:

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