Solutions and common use cases for WebRTC signaling for WebRTC video, voice, and P2P sharing apps

WebRTC and VoIP

Realtime signaling to establish connections and data channels for WebRTC and VoIP

How PubNub Powers WebRTC and VoIP

The handshake is a key component of telephony applications, whether it’s VoIP or WebRTC. PubNub provides low-latency signalling and transferring of SDPs to establish the communication channel between devices.

Realtime Signaling and SDP Transfer
Realtime Signaling and SDP Transfer
Open a communication channel with under 250ms latency worldwide.
Notifications and Alerts
Notifications and Alerts
Deliver in-app or push notifications and alerts to users.
In-app Text Communication
In-app Text Communication
Add 1:1 or group chat to your communication app.
Telephony Features
Telephony Features
Call waiting, caller ID, online/offline, and more
Enterprise-Grade Security
Enterprise-Grade Security
Powerful TLS and AES encryption ensure message security from end-to-end on PubNub’s network.

Realtime Signaling for WebRTC

Want to see PubNub signaling in action? Learn more about WebRTC and VoIP realtime signaling and SDP transfer in the video below.

Getting Started with Telephony

Building your WebRTC or VoIP app with the PubNub API is as easy as:

Check out our basic Publish/Subscribe tutorial and see how the API works.
Sign up for a Pubnub account and get your keys. Our sandbox tier is free, so test away!
Download the SDK in the language of your choice ( we have 70+ )
Check out one of our full tutorials, or head over to the docs and build your app from scratch.

Resources to Help Manage Realtime Signaling to Establish Connections and Data Channels for WebRTC and VoIP

Top WebRTC & VoIP Apps Using PubNub

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Video and Conferencing Platform
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