Solutions for streaming secure financial data to any number of subscribers

Secure Financial Data Streaming

Stream live financial data updates to any number of devices in realtime

Whether it’s private financial data, live auction data, or public data like stock ticker prices, speed, reliability, and security are paramount -- and PubNub has you covered.

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How PubNub Powers Financial Data Streaming

Realtime Data Streaming
Realtime Data Streaming

Stream realtime financial data to any number of subscribers

Access Management
Access Management

Fine grain control over permissions for individual subscribers

Notifications and Alerts
Notifications and Alerts

Deliver push notifications and alerts to connected users.

Reliable Signaling
Reliable Signaling

Trigger financial trades and events in realtime

Financial Visualizations
Financial Visualizations

Create realtime financial dashboards with up-to-date price indexes

Getting Started

Realtime Dashboards and Maps
EON: Realtime Dashboards Framework

Get started with EON to build realtime charts and graphs for financial data.

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realtime Financial Stock Ticker
Realtime Stock Ticker

How to build a realtime stock ticker with Golang

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Sample Financial Market Stream of Data
Sample Data Stream: Market Orders

Use this data stream to pipe in sample market data for your realtime app.

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Prominent Financial Institutions Using PubNub

TD Ameritrade uses PubNub to stream financial data in live webinars to customers

Financial Services

SAP provides realtime two factor authentication for banking customers using PubNub

Financial Services

Stansberry and Associates delivers realtime financial trading data using PubNub

Financial Services

Seeking Alpha streams realtime financial prices on their investment platform using PubNub

Investment Platform

Signal Push uses PubNub to stream binary options pricing data to investors

Trading Platform

The Humble Bundle streams pricing updates to a live dashboard with PubNub

Realtime Price Streaming

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