Realtime Updates

Realtime Updates

From mapping, geo tracking and dispatch, to broadcasting alerts and up-to-the-millisecond realtime updates, keep everyone, and everything realtime.

When something happens in the real world, it’s reflected in your app. Broadcasting push notifications, tracking location on a map, or changing a stock price, realtime updates drive engagement and retention. Deliver up-to-the-millisecond updates with PubNub.

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Realtime API Updates for Developers

Many Ways to Combine Realtime Updates and PubNub

Realtime Mapping App Updates

Mapping Realtime Updates

Stream from Source to Map

Stream geolocation data from any number of sources, process it, and display it in your map. No servers or manual refreshing required.

Add Realtime Dynamic Mapping Features

Geofencing, geocoding, geohashing, geosearch, directions. Build interactive and powerful geolocation features directly into your app with PubNub Functions.

Realtime app Alerts and Push Notifications

Realtime Updates, Alerts and Push Notifications

Push Notifications for iOS, Android and Web

Use PubNub’s Mobile Push Gateway add-on to send to APNS and FCM push notifications to mobile devices.

Realtime Updates with SMS and 3rd Party Services

Trigger SMS based on any event, or connect monitoring services like New Relic or PagerDuty for instantaneous alerts.

Realtime Broadcasting Updates and Visualizations for apps

Broadcasting Realtime Updates and Visualizations

Stream from Source to dashboards

Live auctions, financial stocks and indexes, or scoreboards, send and publish updates to UIs in an instant.

Realtime Live Graphs and Chart Updates

Bring data to life with realtime data streaming, customizing and publishing any number of streams of data to your dashboard.

EON Framework for Realtime Mapping and Dashboards

EON Framework for Realtime Mapping

EON Framework for Realtime Mapping and Dashboards

EON is a JavaScript framework for realtime maps, charts, and graphs that work on any platform. Pick your visualization, connect it to your sources of data, and enhance it with a wide variety of easily integrated features. EON is hardened and scalable, yet flexible, allowing you to customize it to your exact use case.

Use Cases for realtime app updates
Triggerturn-by-turndirectionsDirectionsAlertsRealtime alerting and tracking forincident lifecyclesEnrich maps witha wide varietyof data setsGeoenrichment
More Feature-Rich Realtime Updates with PubNub BLOCKS

More Feature-Rich Realtime Updates with PubNub BLOCKS

The BLOCKS Catalog is a growing collection of prebuilt applets that extend the capabilities of mapping, visualization and alert technology.

PubNub has partnered with dozens of leading companies to provide easily integrable partner BLOCKS. With the click of a button, initiate driving directions, send alerts, trigger SMS/push notifications, and more.


“Not to sound too much like a fanboy here, but I would tell anyone looking to add realtime to go to PubNub. Don’t try to ‘roll your own.’ Trying to roll your own would be the equivalent of, ‘Gosh, I want to build a website, so why don’t I go build a HTTP server.’ Whatever monthly cost associated with PubNub will be far less than trying to build your own and maintain it. PubNub has already solved this for you.”

Jack Kustanowitz

BusWhere Founder and CEO

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Getting Started with Realtime Updates

App Geolocation Tracking for JavaScript Developers
Geolocation Tracking for JavaScript

Track geolocation on a live map for web and mobile web apps.

Read Tutorial
Geolocation Tracking for Android App Developers
Geolocation Tracking for Android

Track geolocation on a live map for Android apps.

Read Tutorial
Realtime Dashboards and Maps for App Developers
Realtime Dashboards and Maps

Get started with EON to build realtime charts, graphs, and maps.

Read Tutorial
Intro to Mobile Push for app devlopers
Intro to Mobile Push

A getting started tutorial for implementing PubNub Mobile Push Gateway.

View Tutorial

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