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Home Automation

Securely control and monitor connected devices in the smart home

At the core of any home automation solution is the ability to control and monitor devices in realtime. PubNub makes it easy to allow users to trigger device interactions in milliseconds, monitor their devices when they’re away from the home, and sleep easy knowing their devices are secure.

How PubNub Powers the Smart Home

Realtime Communication
Realtime Communication

Publish/Subscribe messaging with under 250ms latency worldwide.

Bi-Directional Signaling
Bi-Directional Signaling

Remote device control through PubNub’s powerful API.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications and Alerts

Send realtime push notifications and alerts to mobile and web users.

Ideal for Distributed Systems
Apps to Hub Connection

Seamlessly communicate between your client applications and home automation hub.

Secure Device Provisioning
Secure Device Provisioning

Make your IoT device plug-and-play, even through home and business firewalls.

Remote Firmware Upgrades
Remote Firmware Upgrades

Use secure, private channels to remotely upgrade firmware with no user action needed.

Device Metadata Monitoring
Device Metadata Monitoring

Persistently track device metadata with PubNub Presence.

Cross-platform messaging
Cross-platform Messaging

Leverage our 70+ SDKs for embedded, browser, and server languages to get started right away.

Getting Started & Resources

Realtime Dashboards and Maps
EON: Framework for Realtime Maps and Transportation

Get started with EON, a simple JavaScript framework for building realtime maps.

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