Dating Apps

Dating Apps

Power geographically-aware 1:1 private chat at unlimited scale

Cross-platform, fast, secure, and reliable at massive scale, there’s a reason some of the most successful dating apps today choose PubNub’s chat APIs and messaging infrastructure.

What Dating Apps Can You Build with PubNub?


Build the core features and foundation of your dating app messaging.

Pre-built Integrations to Popular Interactive APIs

PubNub supports over 50 popular chat APIs perfect for dating app uses cases.

  • Content Moderation

    Services to filter inappropriate chat messages and images.

  • Geolocation Capabilities

    Add intelligent geolocation features like geohashing, geocaching, and directions.

  • Alerts and Notifications

    Trigger SMS, email, and push notification for offline users.

  • Gifs!

    Enable users to get dates because they’re really good at sending the right gif.

Access thelargestGIF database for chat appsGIFsContentModerationLanguageTranslator SMSSentiment Analysis Automatically analyze and filter chat messagesTranslate chat messagesto 11 differentlanguagesNotify offline users via SMSAnalyze text for sentimentand emotion

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