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We’re Changing the World, Join Us.

We’re Changing the World,
Join Us.

We believe developers can harness the powers of the online world to make our world a much better place. And driving that are the realtime applications that connect everyone around the world instantaneously.

We need your help expanding our mission by sharing your technical knowledge with your local community through meetups, conferences, webinars, and blogs. Our Developer Relations team will be there every step of the way to provide you with the resources you need to grow your brand and understand how to use PubNub’s proprietary technology. Let’s work together to empower every developer with the ability to connect, deliver, and control their data.


PubNub Ambassador Spotlight

In this section,we like to recognize those from the community that have went above the call of duty in fostering inclusive developer communities and creating innovative developer content.

Magnus Vojbacke

Magnus Vojbacke

Magnus is a software developer from Stockholm,Sweden. Magnus has been working in the field of data integration since university which is a little over 10 years ago. One of Magnus’s greatest interests outside of technology is craft beer which is why he wanted to create a custom beer tap powered by PubNub.
Arvin Tehrani

Arvin Tehrani

Arvin is a Software developer and 3D artist who specializes in enterprise applications and game development. Arvin created an augmented reality application that allows real time chat messages to be sent between users using PubNub’s APIs and infrastructure. Additionally,the augmented reality giraffe interacts and moves in sync with all of the devices connected to the same PubNub channel.


18 years or older
Built something cool using PubNub
Interested in writing developer content for blogs and participating in public speaking
Passionate about building fun projects and sharing them open source with the community


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For students:potential for an onsite internship and great opportunity to grow your professional resume

Exclusive Opportunities

Training with PubNub staff on best practices with our APIs
Freedom to create developer content for our developer community
Promotion of your work to our 20k+ Twitter followers,and YouTube subscribers
For San Francisco locals,exclusive access to the PubNub Hack-A-Thon area to host your next large meetup event.
Exclusive access to new projects and initiatives we are working on here at PubNub

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