Storage & Playback

Data Stream Storage, Retrieval, and Auditing

Key Features
Configurable Retention Period

Store a time series of past data streams for a day, a few days, a month, or forever.

Easy Access

Retrieve, display, and use previously published/received messages.

Audit & Compliance

Keep data stream data indefinitely for legal assurance and compliance.

Unlimited Storage

Store an unlimited amount of data and pay for only what you use.

Message-Level Granularity

Configure storage by message so you only keep what you need.

What’s Included:
No Servers Required –

PubNub Storage & Playback runs and scales on the PubNub DSN for tight integration with data streams.

Customizable Retrieval Direction –

Default retrieval is “first in last out”, and users can customize the retrieval direction to be in reverse as well.

Time Interval Retrieval –

Specify a time interval to access all stored messages within that time period.

Storage and Playback
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