Publish / Subscribe Messaging

Connect any device on earth in under 1/4 second

Key Features
Publish Messages

Devices publish messages into channels that you can create on the fly.

Subscribe to Channels

Devices subscribe to channels and receive messages that are published to those channels in under 0.25 seconds – anywhere on earth.

Lightweight Channels

Channels are created on the fly, with no declarations necessary and no limits or costs on the number of channels you create.

Built for the Real World

Automatically manages dropped connections, unreliable networking environments, firewalls, connection switching, multiple browser support, and more.

In-Network Caching

Automatically catch devices up on messages missed during a client-side network interruption.

What’s Included:
Broadcast –

Supports bidirectional 1-to-many broadcast messaging.

Unicast –

Supports bidirectional 1-to-1 device signaling and messaging via dedicated channels.

Multiplexing –

Bundle many streams together on a single connection to minimize bandwidth and battery drain.

Channel Groups –

Manage thousands of channels as a single unit for a more elegant architecture and easier programming.

Supported Everywhere –

With over 70 SDKs for mobile, web, server, and embedded devices, PubNub connects to virtually any device with an internet connection.

Protocol Independent –

The PubNub API uses the best protocol for optimal connectivity in any environment. Never worry about choosing the right protocol again.

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