Mobile Push Notifications for APNS and GCM / FCM

Push notifications to engage users & improve user experiences.

Key Features
In-App Notifications

Default to in-app realtime notifications while the app is running.

Apple Push Notifications

Works with entire Apple PushKit, including VOIP push notifications and Apple Push Notification Service.

Android Background Threads

Push notifications via persistent background threads for lowest possible push notification latency.

Android Push Notifications

Easily fall back to Google / Firebase Cloud Messenger push notifications.

Microsoft Push Notifications

Compatible with Microsoft Push Notification Service for phones and tablets.

What’s Included:
Fall-Back Triggers –

Default to in-app notifications and fall back to push notifications when your app is not running.

Highly Reliable Delivery –

PubNub’s 99.999% guaranteed uptime gives you peace of mind that notifications will be delivered.

Customer Segmentation –

Use PubNub channels to push relevant messages to audience segments.

Location-Aware –

Push messages relevant to a user’s realtime location with Presence API.

Beacon Friendly –

Use low-latency PubNub messaging with beacons to deliver hyper-relevant notifications & content.

One Less Vendor –

PubNub does it all, so there’s no need to integrate and pay for a push notification vendor.

Mobile Push Notifications
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