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Enhancement: India-only Storage

March, 2020
Now customers can have message date stored specifically in the India region. Similar to GDPR, India regulations exist to protect consumer privacy data. PubNub is pleased to support our Indian customers by allowing them to control where their real-time message data is stored, in country or continue to maintain globally for fastest performance.

Enhancement: Apple Push Notification Service

February, 2020
PubNub’s support for Apple’s HTTP/2-based Push Notification Service (APNS) has now moved into General Availability. All PubNub customers can now take advantage of the speed, simplicity and flexibility of the vastly improved Apple service for their live notifications needs. Developers will no longer be slowed down by complicated certificate setup and maintenance required by the older version of APNS, and they won’t need to maintain multiple PubNub key setups in order to send push notifications to different downstream iOS-based applications. In other words, managing push notifications to Apple devices with PubNub just got a whole lot simpler.

Faster Usage Performance

December, 2019
PubNub is pleased to announce that the Usage page, within the Portal administration application, has become much faster, with optimizations made to query performance resulting in faster page load times. This means customers can see their usage data even faster!

PubNub Chat

November, 2019

PubNub Chat is now available. Every chat API you need to create in-app messaging your users will love. Please visit /use-case/in-app-chat/ to learn more.

Expanded Support for PubNub APIs in Functions

October, 2019
We are please to announce that you can customize PubNub, using Functions, even more so, with the introduction of support for the PubNub Objects, Signals, Message Actions APIs. You can read more here:

New API: Message Actions

October, 2019
PubNub is pleased to announce the availability of the Message Actions API, which allow clients to add/remove actions on individual messages received by the clients. These actions generate events in real-time to online clients and are also stored in PubNub Storage and tied to the original message. Please visit for more information.

Introducing Objects API (Beta)

August, 2019
The act of building real-time applications has changed over the years. Or better: nowadays, developers are expecting more out of their real-time platforms. Sure, messaging is important but so is the application data scaffolding. If you're building chat, you need chat rooms and users. If you're building real-time exercise events, you need spaces and users. And these data objects are long lived, not transitory in nature, which what the messaging data is, for the most part. To address this need to build more of the real-time application using PubNub, we're launching the Objects API.
In Beta, but with robust features, this API is what a developer needs to create the data scaffolding for their applications. No longer do you have to spin up a separate database in order to manage the chat rooms or live events and the users participating in those things, whether on-line or not. Store long lived metadata with each of the objects - we call them Spaces and Users - so you can fully customize the application data to your needs. Click here to learn more about this new API.

Introducing PubNub Signals

August, 2019
Typing, typing, all the time? Or thinking about your place in the world constantly, from a lat/long perspective? Trying to send that data through PubNub and finding it a bit too expensive? Well, guess what? We have heard the need and are responding! With the introduction of PubNub Signals, customers can send and receive this type of data - think small bits of information necessary to drive a process or an app, e.g. show whether or not someone is typing - at far cheaper costs than a normal PubNub publish and subscribe. Click here for more information about this new API.

New Swift SDK

August, 2019
Learn, grow, evolve. Get better! That's our focus at PubNub and we see this in action each and every day. And with our Swift SDK - maybe Swift? - we've learned a whole bunch of the past couple of years. First, people don't want a thin wrapper around Objective C! They want to code in Swift. They want to think Swift. They don't want to think Objective C or feel like they're interacting with code that is meant for another language. Second, well, I think the first lesson was enough. So we're happy to announce the availability of our new Swift SDK. And when we say "Swift", we mean it!

Platform Expansion: Mumbai Point-of-Presence

July, 2019
Running a distributed system is tough. But oh the benefits! Fast performance across the globe is what we strive for here at PubNub. And we deliver day after day. 99.999% SLA handling 10s of billions of API calls a day! To make such a system run, and to serve growing markets worldwide, we need to maintain a sophisticated network. And we're happy to say that this network with growing. We now support the India market that much better, through our new Point-of-Presence (POP) in Mumbai.
Since we're distributed and we run our customers' users through the most convenient network POP possible automatically, there's nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the even better performance for users in India and beyond!

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